FASCCI Model Training Series

Introduction – 30 minutes
In this section, we provide the PIT coordinator and the Administrator with a brief overview of the evidence behind the FASCCI model, describe some of the potential outcomes for staff and residents, and discuss the required initial investments for success.

Part 1: Lay the Foundation – 3 hours
Teamwork doesn’t come with an “on” switch. It takes time to foster meaningful relationships to help shift culture and implement lasting changes. In this portion of the training series, PIT members gain an understanding of the research and experiences that shaped the FASCCI Model. Following this, they participate in a series of breakout activities designed to enhance leadership skills, improve communication, and build teams that trust. The series concludes with the PIT members deciding where they want to make change.

Part 2: Making The Change – 4.5-5 hours
In this portion of the training series, PIT members are empowered to implement, evaluate, and celebrate their change initiatives. Breakout activities guide the PIT members to brainstorm site-specific change strategies to help ensure their change initiatives are successful, feasible and sustainable. Finally, PIT members learn the importance of celebrating their successes in meaningful ways that enhance their forward momentum.

Part 3: Next Steps – 70 minutes
This portion of the training series supports the PIT members in deciding where to make additional meaningful changes to their care practices. Team members are provided with a variety of change initiative ideas and best-practice information/resources to assist them in developing a new change initiative.

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  • 17 Lessons